Only God Can Judge Me

a documentary film from Vince Caperelli, Jr.

April 20, 2011

Back From Guatemala!


After having to cancel my November trip, I was extremely excited to get back to Guatemala and really dig into the process of making this film. My trip at the beginning of this month lived up my desire to get underway. It was a great 9 days of reconnecting with people, getting to know others, shooting interviews and hearing the heart-wrenching life stories of many, visiting an ex-gang member in prison…and even eating a Philadelphia cheese steak in the middle of Guatemala City. Kudos to “Phillys & Dogs” for making a great sandwich–it’s all about the roll and you’re spot on.

This past trip was essentially  a research trip, setting the stage for which stories I’ll continue to move forward with. As I continue to process my trip, work on getting my interview footage translated & transcribed, and plan my next trip, I can’t wait to see what develops and what themes continue to rise to the surface. Stay tuned for more.

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