Only God Can Judge Me

a documentary film from Vince Caperelli, Jr.

The Film


At its core, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME will tell a story of family life in the heart of urban Guatemala City—both the dysfunctional reality of many kids and the family found on the streets. Most of the story will occur in Guatemala City’s La Limonada, the largest urban slum in Central America. It is here where poverty combines with addiction and abuse, forcing many kids to fend for themselves, often leading to a connection with gangs—the ones who help show young needy kids how to get food and clothes…and survive.

As OGCJM explores the home and street life of various youth, we will get to know current gang members, former gang members and parents, community leaders trying to provide the path to a better life, and even elected officials.

Part of the focus will be on “X”. Now in his late 20s, X started hanging out with gangs when he was 10 and by 13 was using drugs. His parents, now deceased, were both alcoholics and no one was around to care for him and his 3 siblings. Though he believes God saved him for a reason after he was shot 5 times in early 2008, X is paying for his gang lifestyle and has been in prison since late 2008.


This film is currently in a mixed state of both pre-production and production. I am fully engaged in pre-production and fund raising and am currently working to raise $20,000 toward production. However, production has officially commenced. During my June 2010 trip to Guatemala—with this film simply tucked in the back of my mind as I met people, shot video and was introduced to La Limonada for the first time—I was able to spend a bit of time with an older man with a very detailed knowledge of Guatemala’s history and the history of La Limonada. Over the course of a 90-minute, on-camera interview, he described the historical events leading up to the formation of the slum and how it became what it is today, including the development of what is now a dominant gang culture. I spent this time with him knowing that this would be a valuable piece of the feature film project. During my second trip in April of 2011, I was able to visit X in prison and hear a bit of his story and begin to get to know him. It was a very impactful visit and, as I continued to remember my time with X, I knew that his story would be a significant part of this film.

As for continued production, my plan, dependingon budget and funding, is to commence major shooting in the second half of 2012 and allow the story to develop. Funding success could expedite the process, though depending on the life situations of the subjects, this timeframe could be stretched out to take in any life transitions they might be having